• Matt R.

    When I started at Crossfit The Challenge, my weight was at an all time high 246 and my blood pressure was 146 over 96.  I was out of breath going up stairs.  Now after 14 weeks of crossfit and 6 weeks of Paleo diet, my blood pressure is 122 over 78  and I've taken in 4 notches on my belt.  I feel great and have 10X the energy. Now I can keep up with my kids!  I couldn't squat 45# when I started and now I'm doing 205#!   This program will change your life or in my case Saved MY Life from diabetes and high blood pressure! I would recommend the program to anyone,   the coaches will work with you to scale the programs to your fitness level and push you to improve over time.

  • Eli S:

    “After being introduced to CrossFit The Challenge™ last summer, it initially seemed to be just a way to keep in shape during the off season before my senior year of high school soccer. After trying it out, I was hooked and knew it would be the best way to get me physically ready to go for my sport. The more I participated in CrossFit, the more it became a lifestyle for me. It didn’t stop in the gym, it turned into motivation to live a healthier life and the sense of community gave me the drive to push myself harder than I ever had. Now looking back, I can say that I helped my soccer team to a state championship to cap off my senior year and I owe it to CrossFit for getting me in the best shape of my life!”

  • Jess P.

    “After trying trainers, working out on my own, and even Intensity, I was looking for something different top help me lose weight and get healthy. I found that here. Andy and Tiff are great coaches, the workouts are always different (so you never get bored!), and the other members provide incredible support, becoming like a second family. I love this place! If you put in the time and effort, you will get great results. Since starting late February 2013, I have lost 62lbs and over 40inches! Thanks Andy & Tiff!”

  • Nick C.

    “I have always been someone that has had an active lifestyle but CrossFit The Challenge has taken my fitness to a whole new level. Andy is very conscious of injuries but still pushes people to limits to always improve. After playing football in College for Iowa State and for the Titans, I wanted to maintain my fitness level and CrossFit The Challenge has done that for me. I have gained over 100lbs in my Squat Max and continue to get stronger.”

  • Kamie O.

    “CrossFit is a great sport for any age. I am 54 years old and have been doing CrossFit for about 2 years. It is very rewarding and at CFTC, you are made feel you can do it all. There is such as positive attitude and everyone there always encourages you to do your best. Anyone can do it and it has changed my life.”

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