My Two Pood Worth for Bootcampers

My Two Pood Worth

Making a Six-Week Challenge a Lifetime Commitment

We have a six-week boot camp going on right now.  Coaching this group has been incredibly humbling as I see how dedicated and excited they are at the prospect of transforming themselves.  I have developed a deep love and respect for each of our new members and so desperately desire to see them succeed!  I’ve spent some time reflecting on previous boot camps and the people who have transitioned from a six-week challenge to being CFTC Challengers with the hopes of providing insight and inspiration to our current bootcampers.  Whether you are a boot camper yourself, new to CrossFit, or looking to make a lasting life change, I pray that this advice is germane (fitting, isn’t it?) to you as well.

  1. Goals - At least 90% of the people who sign up for our bootcamp do so because they are unhappy with their bodies.  They want to lose weight and / or gain muscle and have been unable to do so on their own.  While these are legitimate and admirable goals, I have found that those who end up sticking around (and reaching these goals in the process), are the ones that take their focus off of their appearance and more on their ability and personal growth.  Instead of obsessing about the weight on the scale, they become more concerned about the weight on their barbell.  It becomes less about how you look in the mirror and more about how your olympic form looks.  This is so healthy and empowering in a culture that values little more than size 0s and washboard abs.  While you will absolutely notice a transformation in body, I believe that it is the transformation of mind and soul that brings people back long after the last day of boot camp.

  2. Celebrate the little victories - Because of the constantly varied attribute of CrossFit which entails gymnastics, weight lifting, and metabolic conditioning among other things, there are a bajillion different things to get better at.  For some, this can be incredibly intimidating - where do you even begin?  Instead, I have found it incredibly rewarding to instead see them as different, measurable movements of growth.  Because there are so many various aspects, you can continually have PRs and never grow stagnant in your abilities.  Rather than being discouraged by what you can’t do (yet), focus on and be encouraged by what you can do now that would not have been possible a month ago.  Make small goals for yourself and then celebrate each victory! 

  3. See food as fuel, not the enemy - Many come into boot camp feeling discouraged with their eating habits, thinking they are unable to change or are sick of yo-yo dieting.  This is part of the reason why we do not encourage boot campers to count calories.  We do not want you to feel restricted and view food as the enemy to your goals, but rather see food as fuel to surpass your goals.  We encourage a paleo lifestyle because we believe that fueling your body with nutrient-dense whole foods will go far beyond helping you lose weight, but provide lasting health and true wellness.  The details of this can vary for each individual (I could not survive without peanut butter and coffee whereas Andy has rice almost every day), but the general concept remains the same.  Real food is a gift from God that allows us to achieve our goals and live life to the fullest.

  4. Community - During this session of boot camp, we have had four CrossFit members sacrificially give up their time and energy to come alongside and mentor the bootcampers.  They stick around for the class and help with form as well as shoot encouraging messages throughout the week and develop relationships.  This is a pillar of what CrossFit the Challenge represents and speaks highly of those who have made it their home.  Although the coaching is great (obviously), it is the community that is what brings people back and helps them to stay.  When you join our box, you are not an isolated athlete seeking your own gains.  You immediately join a family of moms, contractors, teachers, grandparents, engineers and college students who are just as concerned about cheering you on to accomplish your goals as they are with their own.  We are a family, witnessing each others’ good, bad and ugly.  We laugh together, cry together, sweat together and do life together.  We pick each other up (now that we’re strong enough!) and keep each others’ egos in check.  You may walk in a stranger, but you will leave a friend.  

In closing,

To our current boot campers - we are so grateful for you!  It has been an honor to come alongside you as you have dedicated these six-weeks to a “new you!”  I hope this helps encourage you to stay on and make CFTC your home and CrossFit a lifestyle.

To our current CrossFit members - what a blessing you are!  It is because of you that CFTC is a place where people can feel loved and accepted wherever they are on their wellness journey.  You each have incredible testimonies and I am honored to be a part of your life and your family.

To future boot campers - No matter where you are physically, mentally or emotionally, we would love to be a part of your journey and help you achieve any goals you may have.  At CFTC you will find no condemnation, only inspiration, unconditional love and a close-knit family!

All my best,


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