Kaleb K.

Two years ago I weighed 350 pounds.  I decided it was time to get healthy. In two years I got down some inches off my waist and lost some weight.  And up until a few months ago I was hitting a wall. Having one arm has made the journey plenty difficult; I was not getting the results I wanted. Then I listened to a friend and finally came to Crossfit the Challenge and it's been one of the best fitness decisions I've ever made.  The coaches know their stuff and are very knowledgeable and are creative for my needs. I've lost about 15 pounds in three months since joining and lost inches of my waist! Through the help I get from them I finally was able to start using a barbell for training. One of the biggest areas of progress is in my back squats. I went from 135 pounds on a Smith machine to 205 pounds with a barbell! I look forward to being able to do one-armed pull ups soon also!  Andy and the team are encouraging and focused. I didn't have the confidence to do the things I can do now safely. The coaches here are always watching out for you and pushing you to do better. It feels like a family.  A community towards developing stronger people. There is room for people of all levels to jump in. You'll feel welcome and you will enjoy the challenge.