Crossfit The Challenge Bootcamp is a 6 week boot camp formatted program for anyone of any fitness level and previous history! This program is designed to teach you the fundamentals of health and fitness in a CrossFit setting, and to set you up to succeed even further after the program is finished. 

Both Men and Women are encouraged to bring out the new and improved you through this challenge! This challenge is no "diet pill" or juice cleanse. It will require dedication, hard work, endurance, and the desire to succeed! 

During this challenge you will increase your strength, learn how to eat properly, lose fat, develop muscle, and be apart of a team of others that have the same goal as you do! 

Coach Andy, Coach Coco, Coach Stefan, and Coach Jill are right there with you the entire class to train and develop you. We welcome you to our CFTC Family! 

Our Next Bootcamp  starts : TBD End of October, 2017

Registration for Bootcamp: TBD Beginning of October, 2017 (Check back soon for more details!)

For more information, or questions regarding the Bootcamp please call or email us!